Investment Rationale


The company managers take advantage of value opportunities stemming from the correction in the United States market and capitalize on the strong economic and demographic trends in the commercial, multiresidential, and single-family real estate industry, particularly in southwestern and southeastern United States.


The company managers believe that current demographic and economic trends, supply and demand levels, the debt financing environment, rental growth, and abundant acquisition opportunities have created an ideal environment for investment in commercial, multiresidential, and/or single family real estate in the company’s target markets.


Despite rapid consolidation following the 2008 credit crisis, the U.S. commercial, multiresidential, and/or single family real estate asset class continues to remain a highly fragmented market where the majority of assets continue to be held by small-scale investors. The company believes that many of the assets are inefficiently operated with respect to both revenue and expense management, often operating at below market potential rents, increased vacancies, and suppressed operating margins. The company believes that such inefficiencies provide an opportunity to improve these deficiencies by leveraging the experience and track record of the company managers. By doing so, the company is expected to generate above market growth in an asset’s cash flow and achieve value creation.