The company managers provide the company with the following key competitive advantages:

Value-Add Expertise

Each of the company managers has a track record of success in renovating and stabilizing assets, completing renovations on time and on budget, while increasing net operating income and value of the asset.

Due Diligence Expertise

The company managers have experience in market, asset, tenant, financing, and legal due diligence. The company will leverage the valuable due diligence results to devise an effective strategy to reposition and stabilize the asset.

Ability to Close Complex Transactions

The company managers’ collective expertise in repositioning assets allows the company to consider complicated transactions involving assets that are particularly distressed, foreclosed, or completely mismanaged to the point where many other competitors likely would refrain from investing.

Access to Debt Financing

The company managers’ relationships with lenders should enable the company to secure debt financing on favorable terms.

Market Focus

The company managers’ understanding of micro-markets within the southwestern and southeastern United States provides the company with the ability to analyze and price risk.

Exit Experience

The company managers’ familiarity with capital markets, buyers, and the divestiture process should enable the company to maximize sale vales.